The Project Development Team at National eGovernance Division (NeGD) support end-to-end implementation of Digital India initiatives having PANĀ  India and large impact in the governance and/or citizen centric service delivery. The focus of project development is to create a world-class platform, product or common application software, which can be integrated and used by several Central Ministries / State Government Departments easily using APIs to offer their services electronically.

Major Activities-

The major activities of Project Development team are as follow:

  1. Implementation of platforms, product or common application software
  2. Promotion of open source software / open APIs
  3. Promotion of e-Governance Standards
  4. Optimum utilization of existing infrastructure namely Government of India (GI) Cloud, State Data Centre, State / National Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG / NSDG), Mobile Service Delivery Gateway (MSDG), NIC SMS Gateway, NIC Email Gateway, etc
  5. Implementation of emerging technologies namely Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, Social Media, Distributed Ledger, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, AR/VR/ER, etc
  6. Demonstration of working solution, proof of concept, etc
  7. Implementation include project development, maintenance and support

Major Ongoing Projects-

  1. Digital Locker (DigiLocker)
  2. Unified Mobile App for New-Age Governance (UMANG)
  3. National Centre of Geo-Informatics (NCoG)
  4. Rapid Assessment System (RAS)
  5. OpenForge
  6. Programme Management Information System (PMIS)
  7. Learning Management System (LMS)
  8. Knowledge Management System (KMS)