A Mission Mode Project (MMP) is an individual project within the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP 2.0) that focuses on one aspect of electronic governance, such as banking, land records or commercial taxes etc. Within NeGP 2.0, "mission mode" implies that projects have clearly defined objectives, scopes, and implementation timelines and milestones, as well as measurable outcomes and service levels. NeGP 2.0 comprises of 44 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs), which are further classified as state, central or integrated projects.

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Central MMPs

Sr. No.

MMP Name




Central Excise and Customs

To facilitate trade and industry by streamlining and simplifying customs and excise processes, and to create a climate for voluntary compliance. Over 2 crore citizens have used the systemFF. Goods and services tax is now a single tax to promote trade and industry, replacing multiple levies from the manufacturer to supplier to customer, according to the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC).

·  Number of Central Excise Registration Applications filed: 1,90,676  (1.91 lakh)

·  Number of Central Excise Returns filed: 79,17,669  (79.18 lakh)

·  Number of Service Tax Registration Applications filed: 18,48,624  (18.49 lakh)

·  Number of Service Tax Returns filed: 79,17,669  (79.18 lakh)

·  Number of Claims and Intimations: 4,89,510    (4.90 lakh)

·  Number of Refund Claims filed in ACES: 4,89,510    (4.90 lakh)

·  Number of e-Challans for Payment of Taxes: 4,95,39,053 (4.95 Crore)

·  Approx 29.09 lakh Registered assesses and approx. 24,000 Departmental officers are covered by these services.

All States & UTs (129 offices)



Aims at significantly improving the operational efficiency of the Government by transitioning to a "Less Paper Office". DAR&PG regularly monitors the implementation of the e-Office projects on a regular basis. 

·  Total 275 implementations have been undertaken. Out of targeted 88 Central Min/Dept, e-Office has been implemented in 68 Min/Dept and the implementation is under progress in 6 Min/Depts. 

·  Ministry of Panchayati Raj has move to 100% e-Office Platform. Ministry of Rural Development is on 80% e-Office platform and MSME is on 50% e-Office Platform. DAR&PG is reaching near 50% level. It has been targeted that from 6th June 2016 the office will become in terms of e-Office.

·  As on Oct 2018, 7950940 e-files have been created with 261107 active users and 50 services being delivered.

All States & UTs (210 Govt. organizations)


Income Tax


·  31.12 Cr e-transactions have occurred till Oct 2018

·  Till March 2017, the net collection of refunds stands at ₹6.17 lakh crore, which is 10.7 % more than the net collections for the corresponding period last year.

·  During Dec-2016, more than 36.43 lakh transactions were undertaken for Direct Tax Collection while more than 12.46 lakh e-Refunds were made.

All States & UTs, All IT offices


IVFRT: Immigration, Visa Foreigner’s Registration & Tracking- modernization and upgrade of Immigration services


Online submission of Visa application module has been implemented at 155 missions.

·  Around 2.26 Cr e-Transactions have occurred between Jan 2018 to Aug 2018.

·  e-Visa has been implemented in 163

·  Indian Missions Abroad out of 178 Indian Missions Abroad,

·  Biometrics has been implemented in 115 Indian Missions Abroad out of 178 Indian Missions,

·  C-FRO has been implemented in all 13 FRROs, 607 FROs out of 674+ FROs across the country, C-FORM has been implemented in all 13 FRROs, 607 FROs out of 674+ FROs across the country, S-FORM has been implemented in all 13 FRROs, 607 FROs out of 674+ FROs across the country,

·  E-Tourist Visa (eTV) has been introduced in 163 countries, 24 airports and at 5 Sea Ports

·  Since the launch of the scheme (November'2014) approx. 41 lakh Visas has been issued till 28th February 2018.

All States & UTs, All missions, FRROs, FROs and State Home Depts.




·  During December 2016, more than 1 lakh Annual Returns were filed by Companies having a Share Capital. In addition, more than 27,690 Director Identification Number were approved.

·  More than 11.66 Lakh users have been registered

·  In total, more than 38.97 Lakhs e-transactions was done so far between Jan 2018- Sept 2018 and 55 e-services are operational.

All States & UTs


Passport Seva Project


·  78 Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs),38 Passport Back Offices and 13 Passport Seva Laghu Kendras (PSLKs) have been operationalised across the country under the scheme.

·  There are 6.92 crore valid passports in the database of PSP of which 1.4 crore are Aadhar seeded.

·  During December, 2016, more than 1.50 lakh tourist visa and more than 33,000 Overseas Citizenship of India cards were issued.

·  In the month of December, 2017, more than 66.89 lakh e-transactions have taken place.

·  Till Oct 2018 37.14 Cr e-transaction have taken place and 19 e-services are operational.

All States & UTs, All PSKs and PSLKs


Unique Identification (UID -  Aadhaar)

·  As on Oct 2018 total Aadhaar generation (Live) are 12.29 Cr

·  The total e-KYC done so far is 681 Cr.

·  Around 1191 Cr e-transactions as recorded in e-taal till Oct 2018

All States & UTs


Banking MMP

Banking and Insurance Mission Mode projects are industry driven and Financial Inclusion MMP has been taken out of Mission Mode Projects as its part of Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojna (PMJDY).

All States & UTs


Insurance MMP

It is an industry initiative.

All States & UTs


India Post 2012

·  175 Divisions across 11 Circles have been migrated to CSI System by 20/02/2018. These include 159 Postal Divisions and 16 RMS Divisions comprising of 349 Head Post Offices, 7614 Sub Post Offices & 40655 Branch Post Offices.

·  8 Postal Stores Depot, 2 Circle Stores Depot & 1 MMS unit also have been rolled out to CSI System.

·   Further, 56 Administrative Offices have been rolled out to CSI System

·  Tie-up with 900+ eCommerce Companies

·  Toll-free number 1924 launched

·  India Post incorporated as Payment Bank i.e. India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) started its operations on 30th January, 2017 by opening two pilot branches, one at Raipur and the other at Ranchi.

·  IPPB proposes to open 650 branches to cover almost all the districts of the country.

All States & UTs, 1.55 lakh POs




·  157.73 Cr e-transactions have been done till Oct 2018 and 3 e-services are being implemented.

·  47 Pensioners’ Associations across the country identified to be associated with the implementation of ‘Pensioners Portal’.

·  Over 70 lakh pensioners have registered on the portal.

·  Software (Bhavishya) available at “Bhavishya.nic.in” started for providing online tracking of pension and other retirement benefits sanctioning process developed. The Project at present is implemented through 89 Ministries/Departments and 285 attached and subordinate officers under various Ministries/Departments.

·  An initiative called ‘Anubhav’ started on the behest of Hon’ble Prime Minister in February, 2015 to provide a platform for the retiring Central Government Employees to showcase their experience and garner resources for retiring employees to the nation building post retirement. The best write-ups earn Annual Awards.

·  The scope of the project has further vastly increased with the inclusion of “Sankalp” – a software developed for channelizing experience and skills of Pensioners towards meaningful social/welfare activities.

All States & UTs




·  e-Bhasha MMP is proposed to be implemented in two phases. Phase I viz pilot phase will cover Localisation of select MMPs as a test case and will focus on upgradation & adaptation of technologies developed under TDIL Programme for deployment across EGOV MMPs, capacity building of eGOV developers, Localisation ecosystem development etc.  

·  Two MMPs viz Agriculture 2.0 and e-District have been identified as pilot MMPs to localize selected services and toolkits for e-gov developers with rollout of LPMF and Machine Translation for website translation

All States & UTs



The core scoping of the MMP is done and DPR is under progress.

Central Govt.



The core scoping of the MMP is done. DPR has been prepared and approval is under progress.

All States & UTs


Common IT Roadmap for Para Military Forces

The DPR of the MMP is under progress.


All States & UTs




·  Under NMEICT, 141 projects have been undertaken in collaboration with educational institutions for improving the teaching skills of teachers and preparing eContent, MOOCs etc.

·  44 Central universities are Wi-Fi enabled.

·  Launch of 32 DTH educational channels has been completed.

All States & UTs


Urban Governance


In the meeting of Select Council of Mission Leaders on 3rd November, 2015 JS, MoUD informed that the current envisaged scope of Urban Governance MMP is same as that of e-Municipalities MMP, for which approval has been obtained and guidelines have been issued for implementation by the States.

All States & UTs


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Integrated MMPs

Sr.  No.

MMP Name






·  Web based Judicial services are being provided in all States

·  Out of total 14,249 courts approved for computerization, more than 14,000 courts (95%) have already been computerized.

·  Around 191.21 Cr e-transactions have taken place till Oct 2018 for the 16 e-services being provided so far.

All States & UTs, 14000+ courts




·  The eBiz platform with License & Permit Wizard, Payment gateway facilitating payment through Internet banking, Credit & Debit card and ePAO solution for centralized booking and reconciliation of all Central Government receipts & payments along with 25 Central Government service has been launched with 14 services of Andhra Pradesh Government, 15 services for Govt. of Odisha and 2 services of Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

·  Three joined-up (L3) services named INC7 with 7 services, INC29 with 5 services and 5 services under Labour act of Ministry of Labor & employment has been launched.

All States & UTs




·  The e-Procurement MMP, being implemented by the Department of Commerce (DoC).

·  As on Date, 27 States/UTs are using e-Procurement solution of NIC and remaining 9 States/UTs are using e-Procurement solution of a Private Service provider (ASP). These States/UTs have been advised to upload the tender data through XML upload facility on MMP portal.

·  Electronic tender traffic per month is around 60-70,000 tenders per month

·  257.17 Cr worth e-transactions as recorded in e-Taal being made till Oct 2018

All States & UTs


e-Trade (EDI)

·  DGFT delivers its services on-line using digital signatures and net payment through all 38 offices across the country.

·  Around 12 million Electronic Bank Realisation Certificate (eBRC) of approx. 550 billion USD are uploaded till date, enhancing the productivity mainly of exporters, banks and DGFT. Customs Central Server System (ICES 1.5) is live at 120 locations.

·  CONCOR has implemented a centralized web based community partner interface system for 38 EXIM locations.

·  Significant reduction in transaction time of services has been achieved like 

-     license application disposed in 6 hrs. as compared to 45 days

-     Flight manifest at airports (4 Hrs to 15 minutes),

-     Vessel profile submission/approval at seaports (48 Hrs to 1-2 hrs) etc.

All States & UTs


India Portal

·  A single window access to information and services being provided by the various Indian Government entities.

·  Mobile version of the portal has been developed.

·  Migration of the site to Dhrupal 7 and responsive design is underway.

All States & UTs


e-Sangam (formerly National Services Delivery Gateway)

·  509 Services have been integrated with production environment of NSDG.

·  Around 1.91 Cr e-transactions taking place between Jan 2018- Sept 2018

All States & UTs


Common Services Centers (CSC)-

·  2.53 lakh CSCs (urban, semi-urban, rural, GP) are operational by March 2017 as per CSC-SPV monthly progress report.

·  More than 4316.90 lakh transactions have been processed till July 2018 for the e-services being delivered through CSC.

·  4.84 lakh registered CSCs and 2.92 lakh functioning CSCs

  • Transactions through CSC:

·  2015-16: 247.47 lakh

·  2016-17 (only Digital Seva portal services): 480.29 lakh (Growth: 94.08%)

·  Last 10 months of 2016-17 (including Digital Seva portal services and other non-portal services): 1275.18 lakh

·  First 10 months of 2017-18 (including Digital Seva portal services and other non-portal services): 1428.89 lakh (Growth: 12%)

·  Till Oct 2018 Around 44.13 Cr e- transactions have occurred.

All States & UTs, All CSCs


Financial Inclusion

·  Jan DhanYojana has been launched on 28.08.2014 by the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

·  Till March 2017, 27.97 crore accounts have been opened with more than 63,885 crore deposits. 9.92 crore Suraksha Bima policies and 3.09 crore Jeevan Jyoti Beema policies have been provided.

All States & UTs


Roads and  Highways Information System (RAHI)

The project has received Rs. 40 crore from World Bank, and pilot implementation is in progress

All States & UTs


National Geospatial Information System (NGIS)


·  D/o Science and Technology had shared the revised cabinet note in 18.10.2016, for establishment of NGIS.

·  MeitY has rolled out an all India GIS platform under which 11 GIS based DSS applications for 9 Departments and 4 States have been rolled out under the Digital India programme.

All States & UTs


Social Benefits

·  Under the social benefits MMP, Department of Social Justice and Empowerment has implemented – “Online Processing of Proposals for Grant-in-Aid from NGOs/VOs”. The Department is also implementing National Scholarship Scheme.

·  More than 789.35 lakh e-transactions have taken place in the year 2017

All States & UTs


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State MMPs

Sr. No.

MMP Name




Employment Exchange (National Career Service Project)

The portal currently has over 3.5 crore jobseekers and 9 lakh employers and provides information on over 3601 career options from 53 key industry sectors.

All States & UTs


Crime and Criminal Tracking Networks and Systems (CCTNS)


·  State Data Centers / Alternate data centers are operational in 32 States/UTs. 

·  Disaster Recovery Centers are located at New Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad.

·  About 95% of Police Stations and Higher offices are having network connectivity.

All States & UTs, All Police Stations




·  The eDistrict services have been launched in 649 districts (including 40 pilot districts) across 32 States/UTs .

·  More than 56.32 Cr e-transactions have happened till Oct 2018 for 419 e-services are being provided.

All States & UTs, All DM offices




·  NeGP-Agriculture has 12 clusters of services with 80 components out of which 46 components have been developed so far under Phase-I of NeGP-A.

·  Field level implementation has already taken place in 3458 sites (or about 96% of the total).

·  The Central Data Centre, State Data Centers and Disaster Recovery Sites have also been set up for 7 States in which Phase-I of NeGP-A was rolled out.

·  Phase-I implementation has been done in Centre and 7 States involving 187 districts, 1505 blocks and 14 State Agriculture Universities.

·   More than 743.05 Cr e-transactions have been recorded till Oct 2018

All States & UTs


Commercial Taxes


·  The MMP is under implementation in 33 States/UTs. Services under the MMP such as e-registration, e-Returns, e-Refund and e-Payments have been implemented across 31, 33, 17 and 33 States/UTs respectively.

·  Around 155.92 Cr e-transactions have taken place till Oct 2018 so far for 115 e-services being provided at present.

All States & UTs




·  The project is running live in 87 ULBs in J&K since 2012.

·  The project is running live in UT D&NH since 2012.

·  It has been rolled out in Arunachal Pradesh, Orissa and Bihar recently.

·  25 e-services are being provided and 183.57 Cr e-transactions have taken place till month of Oct 2018

All States & UTs




·  e-PRIASoft & PlanPlus are the two most prominently used Applications.

·  Till date 1,85,559 of the Panchayats (i.e. ZP, BP &GP) have been on-boarded on PRIASoft. PlanPlus data has been uploaded by 1,21,049 Panchayats.

·  Data has been uploaded on National Assets Directory and National Panchayat Portal by 85,129 and 98,114 Panchayats. The services provided by States are mainly Statutory and Regulatory.

·  In the year 2018 so far around 1190 e-transactions have taken place between Jan 2018- Oct 2018 with 68 e-services being delivered.

All States & UTs


National Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP)

·  Computerization of Land Records for 31 States/UTs.Computerization of Property Registration for 30 States/UTs.

·  Integration of Land Records and Property Registration for 11 States/UTs. Stoppage of manual issue of Record of Rights (RORs) for 19 States/UTs.

·  RORs on the Web for 26 States/UTs.

·  Bhu-naksha customization done for 15 States/UTs.

·  5.6 lakh revenue villages have computerized land records, 3266 SROs have computerized property registration, 1.7 lakh villages have web-based RoRs. Bhunaksha customization has happened in more than 1.54 lakh villages.

·  37 e-services are being provided and more than 135.27 Cr e-transactions have taken place so far.

All States & UTs


Treasuries MMP

·  The proposals of 21 States and 3 UTs had been approved till 31.03.2015. Empowered Committee chaired by Additional Secretary (Expenditure) in its meeting held on 8thNovember, 2016 approved projects to 2 more States viz. Jharkhand and Mizoram and release of 1st installment of central assistance to these two States and the release of 2nd installment of central assistance to the 11 States with some conditions.

· In 17 States, project is operational.  Integration with CPSMS, RBI, AGs, Banks, etc. is ongoing. 

·  21 e-services are being provided and more than 7.79 Cr e-transactions have taken place between Jan 2018- Oct 2018

All States & UTs


Road Transport


·  At present, the existing hybrid application and databases are implemented in distributed mode across 1000+ RTO/ARTOs.

·  100% computerization has been achieved in 32 States/UTs. Connectivity between RTO and STA has been established in all the states/UTs.

·  100 e-services are provided with 7,85,02,649 lakh e-transactions having taken place till Sept 2018

All States & UTs


Public Distribution System (PDS)

·  A National Transparency Portal http://pdsportal.nic.in has been developed by NIC through which citizens can access the Portals of the respective State/UT Food and Civil Supplies Departments.

·  More than 1,79,476 FPSs are automated across the country, and this count has  increased to 3,06,526 FPSs by March, 2017.

·  32 e-services are being delivered with more than 203.4 Cr e-transactions have taken place till Oct 2018

All States & UTs




· The project KV ShaalaDarpan is under implementation. The Ministry has also written to all States/UTs to implement ShaalaDarpan in their respective States.

· Funding is also provided to the State on receipt of viable proposal for this purpose.

All States & UTs



· In Phase-I of MMP, an ‘Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP)’ is envisaged to be established over a period of two years (i.e. 2016 & 2017), in select States, to facilitate interoperability, creation & exchange of medical records, citizen services, programme management etc. and then rolled out widely. The planned phase of implementation of IHIP over three years is as follows:

Phase I, 2 State -Haryana, Kerala or Tamil Nadu; 5 Central Government hospitals-  3 AIIMS, PGI Chandigarh, RML Hospital

Phase II, 4 States - Gujrat, Telangana, Chandigarh, HP; 1 Large corporate Chain; Hospital with eHospital@ NIC

Phase III, 3 States -Rajasthan, AP, Punjab; ESI-HIS; CGHS-HIS; MCTS; Nikshay; Hospitals using  CDAC Noida HIS

·  MoHFW is also in the process of setting up of National e-Health Authority (NeHA) as a statutory body for promotion/adoption of e-Health standards, to enforce privacy & security measures for electronic health data, and to regulate storage & exchange of Electronic Health Records.

·  As of now, eHospital@NIC have been implemented by 82 major hospitals across the country.


All States & UTs, All PHCs


Agriculture 2.0

The core scoping of the MMP is under progress.

All States & UTs


Rural Development

·  NISG has been engaged as a Consultant to undertake activities like Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR), Detailed Project Report (DPR), RFP etc.

·  A Systematic analysis of Scheme process and their mechanism is currently under way. The whole process is scheduled to be completed in 24 months.

All States & UTs


Women and Child Development

The core scoping of the MMP is under progress.

All States & UTs


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